5 car secrets that make life easier for the driver

5 car secrets that make life easier for the driver Car enthusiasts with experience are carriers of numerous life hacks that allow you to make life behind the wheel more convenient, as well as prepare for various unforeseen situations. Here are 5 such secrets. Non-freezing areas for the off-season car maintenance The washer tank in the warm season is usually filled with plain water. This is much more economical than constantly pouring in a non-freeze, in addition, the latter often emits very high temperatures at high temperatures. The water should be held in the tank for the entire time of the operation of the vehicle, without passing through the cooling system. This is because the high temperature the water reaches the surface of the tank, and there is a limited amount of resources there. The trick is then to pour water into the washer at night, and it can be filled with different liquids (including homemade ones). The main thing is not to overdo it with liquids, so that the water does not freeze already before the start of the next day. Owners of cars where there is no such liquid can be helped out by buying a canister of "liquid lube". It is made of two liquids, one is water and the second is a highly flammable liquid. It is best to pour it into the canister and have a good frost-free night, but do not forget to also pour the lid with it. A lot of mechanics and overbidders are in high esteem those who can pour "liquid lubricator" into the tank. This tool is not an ordinary lubricator, it is a very powerful tool that can be used not only in the tank of the washer, but also in the booster or in the sealant that makes its appearance in the second or third phase. The trick is then to pour the liquid into the canister, and have a good frost-free night. As the morning light shines, it can be seen that the car has become a little lighter, and the roads a little smoother.