Should I warm up the engine in winter? Official response from the automaker

Should I warm up the engine in winter? Official response from the automaker In response to an official request from a service representative of the automaker Volkswagen, which is equipped with many cars, the answer states that the car's oil should not be warmed up at all , since the engine is not a dry storage unit, and the oil is subjected to extended cold storage. The Volkswagen representative replied as follows: "As for the oil, you need to warm it up, but not as much as possible. It is better to be careful and not to spill oil when the car is running." The oil in the engine of a modern car is not so good quality. Over time, the oil turns into an emulsion, sediment and color. It is also important to properly use the oil. The oil of a new car should be poured into the tank no more than 10 times. When using oil for the first time, it is better to pour from the first time to the last. If there are any brown spots or streaks, they will be due to the fact that the oil was not properly prepared. Oil check It is necessary to check the oil level once every five minutes. At the same time, you should not rush to fill the tank, but keep it in the tank. Do not pour oil into the tank if the head will not do, it will cause a spill. When the tank is empty, you can pour the oil right into it. Only pour when the liquid begins to circulate. The check should be performed on the hot engine, not on the coolant. When the liquid begins to circulate, there should be no clots of any kind. The result of the check should be recorded. The level should be checked only when the liquid begins to circulate. A successful check will help you determine the quality of the oil. If the level is higher or lower than the norm, then it is desirable that the information is displayed in the form of a percentage. For example, if your car is a regular Volkswagen, and the oil is a special "VAG-group" lubricator, then 95% of the time you will meet the norm. But in rare cases, you can meet the "VAG" standard. If the information was useful for you-DON't FORGET to CLICK your FINGER UP! If you liked the article - , SHARE it with your friends, .